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InkBat is a dedicated illustration design studio that specializes in creating custom art for our clients in a wide range of styles and mediums. Our passion is in creative visual projects such as illustrations, comics, storyboard, character design just to name a few. Here at InkBat we believe that creativity is the key to bringing your dreams to life, which is why we are dedicated to delivering quality art from the initial idea to finished product.




Digital art extraordinaire and self-proclaimed free spirit, Izumi Yeh-Ling loves to live each day to the fullest. Some days that means traveling around the country on spectacular adventures, while on other days that is simply spending time with her husband, 3 kids and deaf Boston terrier. As is the case with many artists, Izumi found a love of all things art as soon as she was old enough to hold a crayon, pencil, chalk (really anything that marks!). Izumi spent her childhood mesmerized by all types of animation. Once she entered high school she met an art teacher who helped to inspire her drive to peruse her passion as an artist. It was during this time that she was introduced to the world of paint and found a love for pastels and acrylics. Fast forward to college where Izumi met her eventual best friend and partner Andy Jay, along with many talented individuals who inspired her to learn and grow the skills she had as an artist. Throughout art school she would improve and learn new techniques including life drawing skills, storyboarding, painting, character design, storyboarding and animation. Then she discovered digital art and the rest was history as they say. Since that time Izumi has grown her abilities to also include children's book art, digital painting, sequential art, apparel art design and webcomics to name a few. Eventually Andy Jay and Izumi would come together to found Inkbat Studio as a way to bring their combined love of art to the world.



Born Andrew Garza, to a loving family; Andy Jay has always enjoyed, sketching, doodling and drawing comics. At the tender age 4 after he first watched Thundercats and Masters of the Universe. His biggest supporter; other than his best friend/partner Izumi Yeh-Ling; is his father Tony Garza. Andy learned everything about responsibility and perseverance from his father, it was Andy's father whom pushed hi to pursue a career in art. After high school Andy enrolled in Art School where he met many artists whom inspired and influenced his work. After college Andy took a day job working in the construction business during the day while working on his portfolio at night; with his brother and college prodigy Gregory Garza; Andy and Gregory created their own original graphic novel entitled The NightWatcher; after a decade of tries and fails in trying to get work in the sequential art field Andy contacted his old friend Izumi and proposed that they form a partnership and found their own Publication named InkBat Studios; a powerful partnership was forged on December 12th 2017, one Andy has been most proud, for Andy and Izumi didn't just become business partners but family! Andy's specialty is mostly in both in black and white and red art but also in traditional art such as his favorite mediums inking, acrylics, copic marker sketching and watercolor painting; his personal favorite. Throughout his career Andy has always believed that there should be no limit to creativity; meaning an artist should never let anything or anyone hamper your art or your creativity!



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