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Our Services

InkBat is a full service and design studio that focuses on delivering quality custom art solutions to each and every client. Our art has a wide range of uses and applications to meet your needs, therefore it is our ongoing vision to bring your creative dreams to life. Have a project that isn’t listed in our services? Contact us and explain what you are looking for, we are always looking for new challenges.

Sequential art

Alongside our clients, we pride ourselves on designing sequential art that accomplishes successful graphic storytelling by creating a composition that draws a readers eye to each element in the comic. This can be accomplished in a print style comic that is read vertically or a webcomic that is designed with an infinite vertical scroll. 


If you have a project that involves scripts, camera movement or animation then InkBat’s Storyboarding service is right for you. We can easily translate your scripted needs in to a fluid and coherent series of illustrations to aid in the filming, or animating, of your project. 

Merchandise art

Merchandise art encompasses any art created by us here at InkBat and then transferred, printed or etched onto a product. Such art can be as simple or complex, depending on intended product. We are happy to assist our clients with anything from the creation of illustration files for them to use on merchandise, to the completed fulfillment of their merchandise. 

Editorial art

Whether you are looking for art to accompany your future children’s book, or an illustration to dress up a blog post, InkBat has you covered. We create high resolution illustrations to bring your text to life for your audience. Though editorial art is most commonly used for books, magazines, and blogs, it can be used anywhere text is involved. 

Branding art

Branding art, such as logos, letterheads and other proprietary items essential for public recognition of you company is a vital necessity of any business. InkBat can aid creating your brands art. 

Marketing art

Successful marketing is the backbone to growing a business. InkBat is here to ease your burden by taking your words and incorporating them into a number of designs that can range from social media ads to flyers and even infographics. Allow us to bring life into your text to drive business to you, or awareness to your cause. 


We offer illustrations customized to your needs. The final product can be produced in a wide array of mediums from digitally painted to traditional with ink or paint. From a sketch style piece of art to a polished work of art. Options will be available for either a digital download of the work to a shipped physical copy. 

Character design

Our character design process involves clear concise  communication with each client to ensure that the design of the character, built from the ground up, meets the look and feel that is envisioned. We plan and develop the character to have a distinct personality, silhouette, and clear color theory.



Our pricing varies based on a number of criteria from scale of the project to the intended use of art. Because the scope and size of each project varies depending on the needs of the client we do not offer a set price list, instead provide each potential client with a comprehensive estimate. This allows us to provide each client with custom art tailored to fit their exact needs. Please contact us with a brief but detailed description of your project and we will respond promptly with a quote.

Contact Us

Do you have questions for us? First check out our FAQ’s or send us an email

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